What are nootropics?

‘Nootropics’ are supplements which enhance mental performance. These ingredients have been shown to improve mood, concentration, learning, memory and all round brain health.

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Nootropic Supplement


BrainExcell ® create premium nootropics supplements developed with the aim of improving your mental, psychological and physical well-being. We designed our blends of top-quality, 100% natural ingredients to help you unlock your true potential and access your mind’s deepest, most potent superpowers. BrainExcell ® FOCUS was developed to enhance your mind’s sophisticated processes, with the aim of keeping you sharp, productive and on top of your game at all times. SLEEP was developed to help you recharge and start each new day feeling refreshed. See the complete list of BrainExcel ® FOCUS and SLEEP ingredients and their benefits.

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Boost Cognitive Power

nootropic supplement

Premium Ingredients

nootropic supplement

Achieve Your Goals

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All natural ingredients

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Find your FOCUS

The ultimate all in one natural nootropic brain booster

FOCUS brings together 18 scientifically selected ingredients that help boost concentration, learning and memory, so you can unlock your full potential. Be at your peak, every single day.

best uk nootropics
uk nootropics

Naturally better SLEEP

Switch off and de-stress with better, deeper sleep.

Because more complete recovery means greater performance the next day. SLEEP is a supplement that is completely natural and non-pharmaceutical, so you can experience superior recovery without unwanted side effects.



The best UK nootropics stack working together for a better you, day & night

Transition seamlessly from intense productivity to profound recovery. Made to work together from the very beginning, FOCUS and SLEEP have been designed to provide perfect all round enhancement which keeps you performing at your peak, day after day.

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Who uses nootropics?

BrainExcell ® was founded for individuals looking to enhance their everyday performance.

Any role or activity that requires a wide range of cognitive faculties, learning, solving problems or demonstrating creativity, will naturally benefit from nootropic supplements.

  • Professionals

    Executives & entrepreneurs

  • Creatives

    Content creators & designers

  • Competitors

    Athletes & gamers

  • Students

    Academics & researchers

Scientifically selected ingredients

A natural nootropic supplement

FOCUS IngredientsSLEEP Ingredients