facts about nootropics

Facts about Nootropics

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Nootropics FAQs

Nootropics (also known as cognitive enhancers) are safe supplements that can improve our cognitive functions – simply put, Nootropics help our brains work better. They can be especially effective in augmenting our creativity, memory, concentration, and ability to learn.

Our brains are basically made up of a complex network of neurons, all interconnected by synapses. The neurons send each other signals through chemicals called neurotransmitters – our brains’ functions are based on the delivery of these signals. The more efficient the neurotransmitters are at sending these signals, the better our brains work. Nootropics like BrainExcell are designed to help boost neurotransmitter production and signalling, and help improve your brain’s performance.

Long-term Nootropics usage can also contribute to neuro-preservation and neuro-protection, which can potentially boost, or at least maintain, our brains’ health and performance as we grow older.

Shipping FAQs


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