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Product FAQs

Nootropics (also known as cognitive enhancers) are safe supplements that can improve our cognitive functions – simply put, Nootropics help our brains work better. They can be especially effective in augmenting our creativity, memory, concentration and ability to learn.

Our brains are basically made up of a complex network of neurons, all interconnected by synapses. The neurons send each other signals through chemicals called neurotransmitters – our brains’ functions are based on the delivery of these signals. The more efficient the neurotransmitters are at sending these signals, the better our brains work. Nootropics like BrainExcell are designed to help boost neurotransmitter production and signalling and help improve your brain’s performance.

Long-term Nootropics usage can also contribute to neuro-preservation and neuro-protection, which can potentially boost, or at least maintain, our brains’ health and performance as we grow older.

Nootropics offer you a safe, legal way to help your brain perform better, with improvements to most of your cognitive functions, including memory, concentration and creativity, as well as your mood.
BrainExcell are the only Nootropics products on the market containing 100% natural high-quality ingredients. This means that our proprietary blends provide safe, effective assistance in boosting your cognitive powers.

You can find out exactly what is in our FOCUS supplement on our ingredients page here, and our SLEEP supplement here.

For our first-time users, we recommend that you take one capsule per day initially, until you can monitor the effect on yourself. After your first three days of using BrainExcell you can move up to the recommended two capsules per day to maximise your results. Please be responsible and do not exceed the maximum of two capsules per day.

This is entirely up to you! You can take both of your FOCUS capsules first thing in the morning or space them out throughout your day to fit around your schedule and optimise the effects of BrainExcell.

We recommend that you take 1-2 of our SLEEP capsules around 30-60 minutes prior to bed to improve sleep onset latency to ensure a quality, full nights sleep.
We would expect that within 1-2 weeks, you will notice positive results of BrainExcell nootropics. The human body takes this time to familiarise itself with the increase in nutrients and allow sufficient system build up.
Yes, all the ingredients in our capsules are completely safe and backed up with extensive supporting research. We only use natural ingredients for our capsules and ensure that there are NO untested synthetic chemicals in our product.

The capsules are made at a safe facility within the UK that works in accordance with all Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) Codes of Practice. The factory is audited and accredited by authorities and major independent companies on a regular basis.

We can assure you that there is nothing in our product that will cause addiction. Caffeine is the only ingredient in BrainExcell capsules to which you may build up a tolerance after prolonged use.
Our product has been developed to enhance the cognitive function of adults and as such should not be taken by children under the age of 18. In general, no food supplement is recommended for use by under 18s.
Due to our natural ingredients, we can say with confidence that you should not experience any negative side effects from our products.
As we cannot know what other medications you take, we advise that you consult your doctor before taking our supplement. Please note that BrainExcell is not intended for medical use and our website is not intended to provide medical advice, or to attempt to diagnose an illness.

Shipping FAQs


All orders placed before 3pm will be fulfilled by our dedicated team the same day. The delivery time will vary depending on which delivery option you selected. Please see our delivery page for more information on your delivery selection.

Yes. We offer free shipping for all orders in the EU, however international shipping will incur shipping costs of £4.99. Please note, different customs fees may incur dependent on the country.

As many of our customers take our supplements on a daily basis we offer monthly subscriptions to save you time and money. We offer subscriptions for each of our products and a combined subscription for SLEEP and FOCUS at discounted prices. Our subscriptions automatically renew on a monthly basis which means you will never go without.

Once you have set up a subscription you can log into your account to modify or cancel your subscription.

Our secure checkout pages offer payment through the following 3 payment methods: VISA, Stripe and PayPal.

You can log into our account at any time to cancel or modify your subscription.

We will provide a 100% refund for all goods returned to us without a broken seal.

No problem, you can either get in touch with us via our live chat on the website, or alternatively email us on our contact page and we will get back to you within 24 hours.