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FOCUS has been engineered to give you clarity and performance. Then, when you need to unwind, SLEEP provides the perfect solution.

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The ultimate nootropic stack


Engineered entirely from natural ingredients, FOCUS is a cognitive enhancer that was optimised to work in partnership with our night time supplement SLEEP. Together, they give your brain and body an all round edge. Not only boosting your mental faculties during the day, but helping you unwind and recuperate ready for the next. All ingredients have been meticulously balanced to bring about superior states of mind, creating a combination that unleashes your ‘A game’, all day every day.

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Ideal combination

Unparalleled performance

Completely natural

Full Nootropic Stack

The best natural nootropic stack power-up

Recharge your mental batteries then unleash your full potential. FOCUS and SLEEP perfectly partner each other to refresh and then recruit your cognitive capabilities for peak performance every single day. Stop wishing for moments of clarity and start getting used to them with the best natural nootropic stack.

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Scientifically selected natural nootropic stack ingredients

Exhaustive research has been carried out to ensure that our products contain only the best natural ingredients. By providing the building blocks of important neurochemicals and boosting your metabolism, FOCUS and SLEEP bring together the ultimate tried and tested active ingredients.

Evidence backed

More than 80 studies back up our claims about the ingredients in FOCUS and SLEEP. We’ve made this as transparent as possible so that you can see the limits and benefits of each and every ingredient.

Complete cognitive enhancement

Being at your peak on a regular basis draws on many different mental faculties. The same goes for achieving restful recovery. We’ve carefully selected ingredients that provide a wide range of benefits so that you don’t just get a boost in one area, but across the board.

Long term benefits

FOCUS and SLEEP work together for the all round optimisation of your mind and body. Not only are there direct benefits from getting more sleep and reducing fatigue, but ingredients have also been shown to provide the building blocks needed for better brain health.

Perfectly balanced

By bringing together elements that both pick you up and keep you on track, you can get more done without worrying about feeling jittery or experiencing unsettling energy surges. FOCUS has been engineered to give you clarity and performance. Then, when you need to unwind, SLEEP provides the perfect solution.

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For those seeking an advantage, the boundaries are constantly shifting. That’s why we wanted to find a way to stay ahead of the curve without the inhibiting side effects that come with some nootropic products. Our research lead us to create an all round natural nootropic stack that brings profound mental benefits in many situations.

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