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The 100% natural ingredients that make up SLEEP nootropic have all been specifically chosen for their ability to help the mind to relax and the body to rest; providing the building blocks for important neurotransmitters and fuelling your mind’s ability to calm itself.

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The most productive days are built on a quality night’s rest

BrainExcell SLEEP nootropic is a natural & premium supplement designed to help improve your mental, psychological, and physical well-being.

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A better natural sleep supplement


Our natural sleep supplement helps your mind unwind, enabling you to slip into an easy and restorative night’s sleep. More than a sleeping tablet, our SLEEP nootropic it combines ingredients that have been shown to help reduce stress and improve the quality of deep sleep, meaning your brain and body can recover more effectively. Rest assured we haven’t included any pharmaceutical substances, so you’ll avoid undesirable side effects and wake up feeling turbocharged, ready for the day ahead.

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natural sleep supplement

Relax &

natural sleeping pill

Quality Sleep

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Scientifically selected sleep nootropic ingredients

The 100% natural sleeping supplement ingredients that make up SLEEP have all been specifically chosen for their ability to help the mind to relax and the body to rest. The ingredients in SLEEP provide the building blocks for important neurotransmitters, fueling your mind’s ability to calm itself.

Evidence backed

Over 80 academic and scientific studies were used to identify the safest and most effective natural compounds to use in our supplements. Our selections have been studied at length in a raft of scientific papers and journals documenting controlled experiments which demonstrate the efficacy of these incredible natural compounds.

Long term benefits

Not only is better sleep the most natural way to deal with busy days and stress, our natural nootropic also includes ingredients that helps boost all round brain operation, providing the building blocks for longer term improvements in mental health.

Unlock peak performance

It’s impossible to reach peak productivity and focus without first recharging with a great night’s sleep. SLEEP was designed to make it easier to switch off from distracting thoughts in the evening to bring about deeper and more restful sleep, so you can start each day feeling alert, refreshed and ready for anything.

Perfectly balanced

Our SLEEP nootropic is an all natural product, it contains no pharmaceutical ingredients, so it doesn’t come with any of the side effects you’d associate with prescription sleeping pills. You can rest assured SLEEP is not habit-forming and won’t leave you groggy or fuzzy-headed in the morning.

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Who SLEEP is for

Modern lifestyles have made it increasingly difficult for us to get the both quantity and quality of sleep that we truly need. Even without any disruptions to your regular sleep cycle, it can be hard to get into to a routine while keeping up with work and social commitments. We designed a natural sleep supplement to help make it a little easier to disconnect from your busy day and get the kind of quality, restorative sleep you need to hit peak performance day after day.

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  • Cognitive performance

    Boost your peak and be there more often

  • Regular sleeping pattern

    For those who work or play at irregular hours

  • Recovery & training

    Improve athletic performance through optimising recovery

  • Jet lag

    Deal with long distance traveling